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September 28, 2014

PFW look

I adore Chiara Ferragni, she is one of the first fashion bloggers I followed. There is nothing I want more than to be as influential as her.  I love finding amazing street style looks especially from Paris Fashion Week.  I loved her look but sadly I could never afford it.  Sooo I made it my own for under $60!

I love dressing sporty, probably because I feel like I missed out playing sports in my childhood (major jk).  I definitely thought this look I chose would be super hard to pull of but it is actually super wearable!
I am wearing a nike sports bra,  the bright yellow really gives this look a pop and draws your eye.  You can buy one similar here.
My leather joggers are from Nordstrom but get them even cheaper here.  This pants really amp up any outfit and are so versatile.

My blazer is so old, I believe it is from Nordstrom.  I have had this since sixth grade, and will probably have it for years to come.  A simple blazer is a serious must-have, it will never go out of style.  Buy one here.
My favorite shoes are TopShop X Adidas, these are not available any longer. Major tears, I know, but add your own favorite pair to this look!  Dressing up your sneakers is so much fun and your feet will seriously love you.

September 27, 2014

Pastel Bleh

There is something so effortlessly chic about people who don't care how they look.  I wish I could walk out of the house without my lipstick and heels on but that would just be shocking.  So naturally it took me a while to come up with an outfit that made me look like a hot homeless person.  
 I am wearing a flannel from Urban Outfitters, I kind of hate flannels but kind of love them.  The pastels and grays of this top made it work for me along with the high low cut.
 I am super embarrassed because I am so against wearing an entire store at once but what are you gonna do? My thigh highs are from Urban Outfitters as well.  I love thigh highs for skirts, shorts, and long sweaters.  They are super cozy and will make your legs looks miles long.

 Um hello best shorts ever.  These are literally a hug on your booty.  By wearing a pair of cute pair of shorts under a large top it not only provides safety for when you lift your arms, but another fun dimension to the outfit! Buy them here.

September 24, 2014

Gold Rush

I love jewelry but I hate wearing it, I wish I wore more of it but I am just awful about it.  So when I found these amazing metallic tattoos I was so excited.  They are even cooler than bracelets but give the same effect. They are by Lulu dk, this specific set is called "Love Story" and they have four other stunning sets.  

 My dress is Intimately by Free People.  I have blogged about this dress before but it is so beautiful how could I not feature it again!?

 This dress is perfect for dancing ;)  These awesome boots are Levis, they are perfect for fall and great for any boho look.
 I love the delicate "love" tattoo, it is super sweet.

September 22, 2014

Washed Up Mermaid

Surprise! I am loving my new rose gold locks.  It has so much dimension and I feel like Strawberry Shortcake. 
 This handkerchief plaid skirt is from Unif.  I love the frayed edges and varied hemline.  It also has a sassy slit which allows this skirt to move beautifully,
 Loving that I am literally pink from head to toe.  These rocking pumps are from Topshop, they are so comfortable I would wear them on a jog.

 I love pairing this simple lace tank with the outfit.  This tank is a beautiful blush color and has such nice shape.  The back of this top has hook and eyes to close it up! This top is from Urban Outfitters.

 My leather jacket is from Zara.  Tan leather is so soft yet can still be edgy and is perfect for all seasons.

September 20, 2014


Taupe is the most exciting neutral.  It is such a soft color but can really make a statement. 
 Ponchos have made a come back and are even better than before (thank god).  This is from Emma in Wicker Park.  If you live in Chicago you must shop here, it is like walking into my dream closet.  This poncho is by Flying Tomato.  I love the pattern along with the shape.  It is so comfy and would be perfect with a pair of jeans and boots.
 This dress is amazing, there is nothing better than a dress that can be worn on a lazy Saturday and on a fancy Friday evening. Also this dress is currently a fourth of the original price so buy it now from Antrhopologie.

 This neckline *insert heart eye emoji*.
 My shoes are Clarks but are no longer available so here are an ever cooler pair.
 Ponchos also double as blankets

September 17, 2014

Agent Mermaid

I would just like to take a moment of silence for every girl who does not have a stellar trench coat.  They are such a must have.  You can wear it as a dress or a coat!  Since I  had outgrown my bubblegum pink trench coat from the children's section (in size not maturity), I upgraded to this beauty.  
 My trench is Betsey Johnson.  I adore the leopard trim,  and the pleats.  But the absolute best part of this coat is the lace up back.  It screams sass and class.
 The shape of this coat is amazing, the lace up back cinches you in at the waist with the big pleated skirt    to show off your legs.  
 These tights are from Urban Outfitters. These exact ones are not available but I linked a similar style.

 Um hello pink! There is nothing better than an adorable outside with an even better inside! Just like people!
This paneled slip dress is also from Urban Outfitters.  It is no longer being sold but I linked a super awesome two tone baby doll dress I am dying to get my hands on.


September 14, 2014

First things First

How beautiful is this alley? Today I rocked my Volume Tee, what better way to feel oh so fancy than wearing a tee with the fanciest of all.  Check out Volume! They are brand new on the scene and I love that it is started by kids my age! This shirt is literally so soft you will never want to take it off.  Enter code mermaidwaves at checkout for a little present from me!

 I am wearing my favorite article of clothing ever.  A kimono.  This one is from Urban Outfitters but here is a similar one from Forever 21.  Kimonos are a great way to sass up any outfit and protect yourself from the fall breeze.
 This skort is from Nordstrom Rack by Free People.  This style of skirt/skort is all over the place, I am loving it!  This skirt is leather with an awesome gold zipper detail.  To revive my Dr Martens from their tragic state after Lolla, I added some laces from American Apparel.

 For my hair I put it in pigtails and looped them under itself, then wrapped my hair around my hair tie to clean it up.
 I love when father joins me and mothers adventures!


September 12, 2014

Charlie Black

Ignore me complaining about the weather in my last post.  The weather is stellar.  Also quick PSA buy plastic tattoo chokers, they will make you feel so good about your life.  
 I adore this sweater, it is by Mink Pink.  I love the pastels on the black and obviously the graphics rock.

These gingham pink leggings are from Topshop.  They have such a sweet girly vibe but still work with this look.  Unfortunately these are out of stock but here are some similar leggings.  

 Glitter jellies were definitely a no brainer for this look! Get them here.

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