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January 31, 2017

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Sassy and Sweet Ladies in Your Life

Hey Mer-babes! I loveeee Valentine's Day which most people find shocking.  I guess my constant sarcasm and annoyance towards most people doesn't really exude lovey dovey-ness but Valentine's Day for me means so much more than chocolates + roses from a cute boy.  BORING.

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January 28, 2017

Playing Favorites: Week of January 23

Hey Mer-babes! Week four of 2017 is coming to a close and there are still enough good vibes floating around to create another weekly favorites round up.  Last week was about wellness and this week was all about treating myself, aka I literally sat around and ate potatoes all week.  Of course, I also worked my booty off in dance rehearsals and doubled up on Soul Cycle classes, and worked hard to plan new content because BALANCE!  Actually, maybe this week's theme is balance but this post isn't about the theme of the week, its about the GOOD STUFF.

Shall we?


January 27, 2017

Pretty Kitty: Combining Simple Silhouettes for a Chic Winter Look

Hey Mer-babes!  This week seriously just zipped right past me, I honestly am not sure where I was for over half of it, but I did post a new YouTube video so check that baby out!  We finally had some pretty little snow flurries yesterday, and I was jumping for joy. Who else loves snow?  My only motivation to make it through Chicago's winters are faux fur coats and snow, therefore when there is no snow I rely heavily on faux fur coats (example A, B and C).

Fun Fact: A button on button-fly was undone during 75% of this shoot, which is why most of the shots are me facing away from the camera. LOL. 

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January 24, 2017

The Secret World of Finstagram: The Last Sacred Form of Social Media

If you are under 20 years old you probably have a finsta (a fake-instagram account that is under an unrecognizable username and kept private) or at least debate making one daily.  Even I have a secret finsta, sorry mom and dad,  I'm not cool or even up to date on the latest young people trends but I know having a finsta is hot.  Finstagram is filled with some shocking usernames (I choose to keep it clean but to each her own), unflattering and unedited pictures, and captions that you wouldn't believe were published to the internet.  A few months ago I was so over Instagram, I even wrote an article about it, but my love has recently been revived.

January 22, 2017

Layer Player: Mini Skirt and Oversized Fur

Hey Mer-babes! Can we talk about the weather in Chicago this weekend, what a dream!  I am actually smiling in most of these photos, which is unusual because I am usually fighting back tears due to the cold.  Do you ever find that one piece that is just so perfectly you, you can't stop wearing it? That is how I feel with this coat.  I went through a panic (not usual) this morning because I felt like this coat completed my look, but I had just blogged this coat

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January 21, 2017

Playing Favorites: Week of January 16

Hey Mer-babes! We've made it though another exciting week of 2017.  My favorite part of these weekly round-ups is taking a step back and analyzing my past week.  Not only do you get to relive the best moments but there always seems to be a hidden theme.  This week my theme was for sure, wellness.


January 19, 2017

Steal the Trend: This Season's Hottest Shoes for Less


Hey Mer-babes!  Copycat designs are everywhere and while I never want to support a copycat, sometimes a girl has got to do what a girl's got to do to look good and feel confident.  I wish I could sport shoes straight from the runway on the daily, and someday we will but (at least for me) today is not that day.  I have found the trendiest shoes of 2017 for wayyy less, so much less that "way" needed three "y's".

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January 17, 2017

Get Your Glow On: Three Ingredient Collagen Beauty Smoothie for Healthy Skin

Hey hey Mer-babes!  I drink a smoothie everyday, I can not last without eating between meals so a healthy and dairy-free smoothie is my go-to for staying satisfied during the day.  Lucky for me, my mother is the smoothie-queen, for real.  I was seriously raised by Martha Stewart's cooler (although Kelly would disagree, because no one is cooler than Martha) younger sister.  Not only is she the smoothie-queen, today she is the birthday queen, although she truly is the queen of everything everyday in my eyes.  Happy Birthday Mommy! Thank you for being such an inspiring and creative force in my life and the lives of all you touch around you.  She's one of those mom's that makes you unsure if your friends are friends with you for you or your mom, ya know?

January 15, 2017

Trends for Brunch: How to Wear Fishnets (Without Looking like a 7 Year-Old in a Dance Recital)

Hey Mer-babes! I was really feeling my brunch look yesterday and am so excited to share it with you.  If fishnets haven't been blowing up your Instagram feed you clearly are following the wrong people.  Fishnets are a controversial piece, for some they bring up memories of dance recitals past, bad halloween costumes, or even a piece you used to pair with your favorite denim mini skirt.  For a few years fishnets seemed to be a staple piece of my Halloween costumes, think Kesha and Roller Derby Girl.  When I saw how fishnets were being reimagined as a layering piece my mind was immediately cleared of all past fishnet trauma.
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January 14, 2017

Cool Things To Do for Cool Young People in Chicago: Museum Hack at the Art Institute

Hey Mer-babes! I am always looking for fun things to do around the city, that aren't just eating.  Whenever I am spending the day with a friend the only activity that ever crosses my mind is to go out to eat, and while that is arguably the best way to spend time there are a million other amazing activities in the city of Chicago.  I am so excited to explore the thousands of cool things to do in the city and bring my first hand account to you.  Thats where "Cool Things To Do for Cool Young People in Chicago" comes in.  A simple name (LOL) for a simple idea that is actually crazy difficult IRL, finding activities to do that aren't completely lame is a struggle! The first edition is all about Museum Hack.

January 13, 2017

Playing Favorites: Week of January 9

Hey Mer-babes! This week has been a whirlwind, how is it already Friday?! Not that I am complaining.  I started back up dancing with Elements Contemporary Ballet after a luxuriously long and indulgent break, ok not really, I danced way too much over my "break" for it really to be considered a "break".  My body on the other hand feels like it was the first time I stepped in the studio, ever.  This week I also filmed my first workout video, I am so excited to start my YouTube journey, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a video.

I have been incorporating a lot more lifestyle content than usual and want to you what you babes think!  Remember that you can always Instagram or Snapchat message me with your thoughts on a post, content requests, or anything your heart desires! Except asking me out on a date, if you ask me out through snapchat its 100% a no, if you ask me out any other way its probably still a no.  I have no time for that nonsense people. 💁  Now let us begin with this weeks favorites!

January 12, 2017

Love Yourself and Your Life: YOUTUBE CHANNEL + Best Butt Ever

Hey Mer-babes!  I just finished filming my first fitness YouTube video and I am seriously so excited.  YouTube is going to be another spot that you can head to when you need some inspiration, whether it fitness, food, or fashion, I have got you covered.  I want you to live the life you have always dreamed of living and I am not just going to say it.  I am going to help you make it happen, we are going to create our dream lives together!


January 11, 2017

Eat Out Eat Clean: Healthy Restaurants in Chicago

Hey Mer-babe!  I love food, but you probably already knew that; with my love of food comes my absolute love of eating out.  There is a common misconception that all restaurant food is bad for you, and that is so false.  There are so many restaurants that offer clean meals even in the land of deep-dish pizza (aka Chicago).  I don't mean there is one healthy thing on the menu, all of the spots I'm sharing have dedicated their culture to providing healthy options.  Not only do these spots offer clean and healthy menus but they all offer amazing vegetarian and vegan options.

Below are three of my favorite destinations in Chicago for a healthy meal out.  Plus I am sharing exactly what I order, because I can never quite stick to what's on the menu.  💁 Bonus points if you already know where that vegan pizza I'm eating above is from!

January 10, 2017

Runaway Prom Queen: Photo Diary with Laudi Vidni

Hey Mer-babes! I hope your week is off to a killer start.  It feels like this week is finally back to real life after a whirlwind of holiday cheer.  TBH I am not mad about it at all, I love getting back into my daily routine.  I love making daily to-do lists and planning out everything from my morning workout to the emails I am going to send.  Seeing things laid out on a piece of paper works wonders for me, when I have things swirling around in my head I usually end up in tears saying something like "I'm just really overwhelmed"; but the moment I write things down and see that in reality its only four tasks it seems much more manageable.  

January 8, 2017

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend: Skechers D'Lites Diamond Anniversary

Hey Hey Mer-babe! Happy Sunday, can you believe it is almost mid-January? Shocking right?  I hope you are still riding that resolution train.  I know I am!  To help you with some of your fitness resolutions I am brining you the perfect post-gym look.  This look will take you right from spin class to grabbing brunch with your girls.

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January 7, 2017

What Else: How to Stay Cute in the Depths of Winter

Hey Mer-babe! Have you been noticing some new things happening around Mermaid Waves? A beauty and a lifestyle post have dropped this week, and there will be lots more where those came from.  Now, when you visit Mermaid Waves you will be getting the entire Mermaid Waves lifestyle experience, the emphasis will still be on fashion, my first love, but with lots more to accompany that. More V exciting news, I now have a real domain, when you want to check up on Mermaid Waves you can just enter "MERMAIDWAVES.CO".  No double "s", no .blogspot.com, not even a .com, its that chic. Not only is there tons of new and exciting content heading your way, but now it is even easier to access.  
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January 6, 2017

Playing Favorites: Week of January 2

Hey Merbabe! I am super excited to bring to you the first of many "Playing Favorites".  This will be a space where I share my current obsessions; the best meal I ate, the book I'm reading, or the new hottest destination.  This will be a weekly column that you should keep your eyes peeled for!

The first week a 2017 seemed to have flown by but it has been marvelous thus far.  The weather has not been so marvelous which makes leaving the house hard to do, since I have spent so much time indoors I have been super productive this week and have been crossing item after item off my to-do lists.  This is probably not the most exciting roundup on the internet but it filled with the things you need to get your life on track for 2017.


My current favorite bag is pictures above. It is by Hieleven, a super chic and affordable handbag brand, this bag is currently $99 which is a total steal.  The gray color goes with everything in my winter wardrobe right now, and I love the modern and sleek silhouette.  I tend to carry gloves, a hat, a scarf, along with a thousand other necessities in the Winter, this Hieleven bag is perfect as it fits everything I need.


January 4, 2017

Winter Beauty Roundup: My Current Skin and Hair Care Favorites

 Hey Mer-babe! Winter is definitely my favorite time of year; with layers of knits, no sweat the instant you walk outside, and hot tea all day long, how could you not love it?  Although Winter is my favorite time of the year,  I know how hard it can be on our bodies.  It is a constant winter struggle to keep my sensitive skin healthy and glowing during these cold months.  It is also so easy to shrug it off as something that just happens in the winter, but you do not to give in to your skin!  "Do not give in to your skin" is definitely becoming my motto for 2017.  I am determined to find peace with my skin and we are going to find it together!

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January 3, 2017

I Slip You Slip We Slip: Re-Style Your Party Dresses for Day Time

Hey Mer-babes! Welcome to the first OOTD of the New Year, but first I have some little tidbits to share!  You may have noticed that on the side bar of Mermaid Waves is a "As Seen on Snap" widget for you to shop my snapchats! The first item is the ever famous Jade Roller that I am just obsessed with over on Snapchat, it is seriously life changing.  Also, the Holla-day shop and tab have disappeared, sad, but exciting because its a new year and we had to make room for all the new content coming your way.  I am talking fitness videos, recipes, and some more personal writing!

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January 1, 2017

Bye Bye Trends of 2016: The Items You Need to Ditch for the New Year

Hey Mer-babes! Welcome to the New Year.  I love a good wardrobe purge, it keeps things fresh and gives you the perfect excuse to shop.  In December I donated about six garbage bags of old clothes and feel like a new woman.  I had so many clothes that just screamed high schooler and I couldn't deal.  If I still have to have the high school acne, I couldn't have the clothes too.

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