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March 31, 2017

Sweat it Out: Athlesiure's Comfy Cousin

Hey Merbabes! Athleisure was the hottest word on the street for a while there, it almost seemed like we were all going to turn into legging-rocking, ponytail-sporting babes for the rest of our lives.  Do not fear, we are all still here wearing our favorite denim, and rocking t-shirts instead of workout tanks.


March 28, 2017

The 10 Minute Hairstyle That Will Change Your Morning

Hey Merbabes!  If you have read anything I have written before I have probably complained about doing my hair.  I can't tell you why I have such a hatred for styling my hair but I do.  Actually that is a lie, I can tell you exactly why.  I have so much hair, although it appears that I have this lovely manageable mane in my photos, in reality I have an abundant mop on top of my head.  I don't even try to do anything remotely fancy with my hair, all I aspire to do is leave the house with a smooth semi decent hairstyle.


March 26, 2017

Ditch Your Deodorant: Why You Should Be Charcoal Masking Your Armpits

Hey Merbabes!  I have been working with the amazing ladies at Scratch Goods, Chicago based food-grade skincare, for a few months now and it has seriously turned me into such a skincare junkie.  I am so much more aware of the ingredients that I put on my skin because 70% of those ingredients get absorbed into our bodies.  Deodorants/Antiperspirants are one of the worst products that we use.  Antiperspirant stops your body from purging toxins in order to stop your armpits from sweating.  When those toxins aren't allowed to leave the body they get trapped in the lymph nodes.  I am not here to tell you that your deodorant is going to give you cancer, I am not qualified for that but I do read enough on the internet to know that having aluminum trapped in your system is not great for your health.

You know I am all about mask-ing, it is my favorite noun turned verb, duh.  I was recently told to take a vacation on face masking (thats another story) so I had to find an alternative way to get my mask on.  That alternative is to charcoal mask my armpits.

March 25, 2017

Double Bubble: Wear Pink like a Grown Woman (Kind of Not Really)

Hey Merbabes, remember when it was 80 degrees yesterday? Yeah me too, that was cool.  Today's rain but it is the perfect excuse for me to stay inside and get tons of stuff done.  Ok so probably not tons but there is a full page to-do list sitting next to me and I need to at least make some sort of dent.

I started off my Saturday at the gym with a couple miles on the treadmill and a yoga class.  That is going to be my new Saturday ritual, I feel so relaxed and accomplished, plus I came home to an egg sandwich and homemade baked fries.  This day is off to a such a good start I can hardly be bothered by this icky weather.  The look I am sharing with you today was inspired by yesterday sunshine has some major summer vibes.

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March 19, 2017

Gem Skin Care: Golden Sapphire Collection by Lionesse

Hey Merbabes! Today I am sharing with you the most chic and expensive product that has ever touched my face, ok lets be real, my entire being.  I am sure you have heard of Gem Skin Care by now and all the amazing, life changing benefits of covering your face in diamonds and pearls.  As a lover of all things extra, I aspire to put gems on my face as I imagine Paris Hilton does as part of her morning routine.

When the opportunity arose to partner with Lionesse to feature their Gem Skin Care products I was all in.  To be honest before trying Lionesse's Gem Skin Care products I could care less if they actually did anything for my skin, I was more interested in feeling like Kim Kardashian than seeing any skin improvements but I got the best of both worlds.

March 16, 2017

Confessions of a Drama Queen: Making Peace With My Pimples

I have had acne for what seems like my entire life, I am pretty sure my first acne cream was prescribed to me when I was like nine because I was so self conscious about going to school with pimples on my face.  Looking back I am sure I had one tiny red dot but for me that felt like a death sentence.  I have tried every thing under the sun to rid myself of my spots.  Literally everything.  I have been on every prescription topical, I have tried every face mask, every serum, done all the facials, yet my face is still covered in spots.  I have cut things from my diet, I have switched my makeup, my shampoo, my laundry detergents, I have made my life revolve around my acne.  I sleep, eat, and breathe acne, its on my mind all the time.  When I wake up in the morning I can sense the new pimples that have popped up over night, without ever placing a finger on my face.  When I take a bite of one of my favorite foods all I can think about is the fact that I will probably have six new pimples within the week.  I am constantly hunting for a Snapchat filter to hide my pimples or creating new hand poses to strategically cover my blemishes and its honestly getting old.  How many times can a girl cry over a little red dot on her face.  The answer is a lot, I have cried and sobbed and cried again over nothing more than my acne.

March 15, 2017

Born to be Mild: Transitional Weather Look + A Fanny Pack Hack

Hey Hey Merbabe!  Happy Wednesday, how is your week going so far?  It looks like our double snow day has wrapped up and now its finally time for spring.  Maybe? Please? But honestly probably not, so I have yet another look for you to rock during this treacherous time.  I am just so over wearing sweaters, luckily for us there are so many ways to slowly break out your spring favorites while still staying weather appropriate and more importantly warm!

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March 13, 2017

Check Me Out: Is This the Hottest Print of Spring 2017?

Hey Merbabes! It seems a little silly to be talking about the hottest print of Spring 2017 when there is snow on the ground, but here we are.  I'll be honest I am not mad about this snow, I have been waiting  all winter for this.  Better late than never, right?  Ok back to this season's hottest print, Gingham.  Gingham is such a classic but has gotten a major makeover this season.  The classic print has been placed over modern silhouettes and the results could not be any sweeter.  Although gingham comes in many different colors, the classic black and white caught my eye this time around.  These pieces can not only be paired with one another for a totally chic matching look, but can be separated and paired with your denim items for a casual Darcy's Wild Life inspired look.  I honestly am probably the only person who ever watched that show on Discovery Kids but every single time I think of gingham I picture Sara Paxton, the big city girl who moved to the country. LOL.

 I have gathered my favorite gingham pieces and put together a shopping guide just for you! Remember you can shop each piece by simply clicking right on the item you want to shop.  Which pieces are your favorites? I am so in love with the booties and the trench! To die for.

March 12, 2017

Very On Brand: T-Shirt and Jeans Look

Hey Merbabe! Happy Sunday, I hope you had a killer weekend.  My weekend was both fabulous and productive and I am feeling ready to take on the week.  Yesterday I spent the day, like literally the entire day, uploading pieces from my closet onto Postmark.  Follow me on Postmark (@mermaidwaves) to shop pieces directly from my closet! Today, I started my morning off with a ballet class and now I am here writing to you and about to enjoy some lunch!  Leftover pizza topped with an egg is on the menu at our house.  If you have never thrown an egg over leftover pizza you are missing out, it is the perfect brunch creation.  I am not sure what the rest of my day holds but I am hoping it includes catching up on America's Next Top Model.  I accidentally saw a headline that named the winner while scrolling through Facebook so now I feel obligated to watch it as soon as possible.   

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This look is another go-to for winter to spring transitional weather.  I popped a winter coat over this look while running around throughout the day but when the temperatures perk up a few degrees you can rock this look sans coat.  I am so ready to get back to no jacket weather, February was such a mean tease Chicago. 

March 9, 2017

Treat Yourself: George the Salon

Hey Merbabes! In my last post I mentioned that I was heading off to the spa, now I am here to tell you all about it.  I went over to George the Salon for a little pampering, to be honest my brain has been so all over the place I couldn't even remember what my appointment was for.  Luckily the ladies at George the Salon in Gold Coast had their lives I little more put together than I did.  I was in for a facial, perfect.


March 8, 2017

Slip into Something More Comfortable: Sequins for Daytime

Hey Merbabe! How are you today? I am feeling pretty fabulous considering I am about to eat some vegan sloppy joes (recipe by minimalist baker), then later I am heading to the spa for some pampering.  My body currently feels like a potato chip so I am excited to relax a bit and hopefully de-crisp.  LOL.  I am all about treating yourself, like all the time.  Treating yourself doesn't have to be expensive or fancy, although it can be 😏, one of my recent favorites is soaking in a hot bath with a face mask on.  The face mask completely ups the relaxation level.  This week I also tested out a very chic golden sapphire mask that I will be sharing with you later this month, yay!  

Shop the Look:

This look is one of my favorites of recent, I love when an outfit just comes to me.  Usually I sit on the floor of my closet looking up at the hundred of pieces clothing, thinking that there is not one outfit to be created in that whole mess.  This look just seemed so natural, all the pieces work together perfectly and create a killer look.  This look is also pretty fabulous because it is perfect for this awkward transitional season period and can be worn from day to night.  


March 5, 2017

Play It Cool: Easy Winter Weekend Style

Hey Merbabes!  I am back with some new looks for you (yay!), I am going to be sharing more of the looks I wear on the reg.  Of course I wear everything I share on Mermaid Waves, I'm not a poser, but I am going to be sharing what I wear to brunch, to Whole Foods, and to do other mundane daily tasks.  Honestly though, no task is mundane when you make everyday a fabulous, fashionable celebration, and thats how I like to dress.  This looks are anything but ordinary, yet simple enough to rock on the daily!  Think of your favorite It Girls - Kendall, Bella, etc; they always look insanely chic in every single shot in the Daily Mail snap story, whether they are in sweatpants or in couture.  That is not by accident, nor a result of amazing genes (which they obviously have), its about knowing how to rock that effortless, cool-girl look.  

You could look good and feel good, or you can look amazing and feel amazing.  You choose, merbabe. 

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March 2, 2017

The Skincare Line You Need RN: Colleen Rothschild Beauty

Hey Merbabes! Does anyone else get in a major wardrobe rut in March? I always feel so uninspired during this awful winter to spring transitional period.  I usually end up wearing all denim all day, which is never a bad thing, but doesn't make for too exciting of a post.  I will of course be still sharing looks to help us get through the awful time together but until then I am back sharing some more beauty favorites.  Today we are talking skincare, my favorite. 

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