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June 12, 2017

Father Daughter Diaries with Hammer Made

 Hey Merbabe, just a friendly reminder that Father's Day is just around the corner, as in this Sunday.  Father's day gift guides have never been much assistance in picking out the perfect Father's Day gift for Dan.  It is always the same old toolbox (no), weird tech gadget (no), or sports jersey (no, never ever),  my dad is way cooler than all of those things.

This year, I partnered up with Hammer Made to create my own Father's Day Gift Guide for the Cool Dad.

I picked out three shirts for Dan, two that I knew he would love, and a short-sleeved one that I loved and knew he would eventually rock.  It seems like my dad already has every single print you could imagine on a button-up, but Hammer Made had prints that has never been part of his vast collection.  I picked out a classic blue stripe, a green polka dot, and a fruity pattern perfect for summer.  Hammer Made shirts are all made in small runs of about 30 per fabric, AKA you won't send your dad off into the world looking like every other dad.

No gift is complete without a few accessories.  Along with his shirts, I added some patterned socks and magnetic collar stays, perfect for the guy who has it all.  😉

Not only did Dan get to rock his new Hammer Made shirt but I did too!  I loved styling this matching look for the two of us.   A pair of bubblegum pink shorts really brought forward the colors in his fruity-printed shirt, I love the combination of shorts with a button-up, it is the perfect way to convert your favorite "work shirt" into stylish weekend wear.

I got to rock my favorite shirt of the three, this fun dotted short-sleeve.  My favorite part of this shirt has to be the contrasting palm print on the collar and sleeve.  Hammer Made shirts have unique, contrasting details that give their shirts major personality.

I am lucky enough to have a cool dad who lets me steal literally all of his clothes, his jean jacket, his track jacket... you get the point.  If your dad's closet isn't as on trend as Dan's, Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to help upgrade his look.  Its a win for everyone, your dad gets a new look, and you get a second closet.

Hammer Made has three locations in Chicago and other around the country!  Stop in to one of their stores of order online to get your dad a Father's Day gift he (and you) will love.  



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