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June 21, 2017

Skinny Jeans: A Black and White Story with Mott & Bow

Hey Merbabes!   I am coming to you live from L.A., Los Angeles is one of my favorite places in the world and I am so excited to soak up the sunshine and good vibes for the next two weeks.  Although these snaps were taken in Chicago, I took this exact outfit with me to L.A. and I know it will be on repeat this season.  This black and white look is perfect for a cool, summer day or eating dinner on your favorite patio.  

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If you know me you know, skinny jeans haven't been my vocabulary for a while now.  I have been living in boyfriend jeans for close to four years.  I kept seeing some of my favorite fashionable ladies rocking black skinnies and decided that maybe, just maybe, it was time for me to get back into the skinny jeans game.

Thats where Mott & Bow comes in.  I am obsessed with these sleek, black, skinny jeans.  These Mott & Bow skinnies have the perfect stretch to fit ratio, tight enough to lift your booty but stretchy enough to let you sit down.  I can't be the only one who has tried to sit in a pair of skinny jeans and not been able to, without a major pants-plotion.

I love the subtle rips on both knees, this small detail gives these pants a little more edge than your average skinnies, while also allows you to still dress these jeans up.  If you do the whole "dress-up" thing, do people even do that anymore?

I am super into the choker neck tees that are all over this season.  I cut up an old white tee shirt I had laying around to recreate the trend on the cheap.  You could also do this on a graphic tee which would be even cuter, but I'm a sucker for a plain white tee.  If you aren't about that DIY life I found you a similar style at Forever 21 (for under $15, holla).

With a simple, black and white look like this one, you have the ability to accessorize to your hearts desire.  I went with my favorite faux-leather dad hat, a pair of starry sneakers, and a leather cord that I wrapped around my neck to create a choker situation.

For my bag, I went with a furry, blue mini purse.  I love everything chic and impractical so mini bags really speak to me, only enough room for a lipstick, debit card, and a phone (or two).  What else does a girl need?  The blue really pops against the black and white outfit, and makes this bag look even more vibrant than it already is.

Booty looking cutie!

Are you inspired to start wearing skinny jeans again? Have you been wearing them all along? Let me know in the comments.  



  1. love this outfit so much! love how simple and comfortable it is but still looks put together

  2. You look damn pretty & your style was so adorable..

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