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About Me

Hey Merbabe! I'm Dani Mikaela, a Chicago-based ballet dancer with a love for fashion.  I recently graduated from the Chicago Academy for the Arts as a dance major.  I created Mermaid Waves as a personal style blog, in December 2013 to be an extension of my popular OOTD posts on Instagram.  I believe personal style should be empowering and make people feel fabulous, I have never fit in to a mold and I hope to inspire others to dress outside the norm.  Fashion has always been in my vocabulary, I changed my outfits numerous times a day as a child, it was not unlikely for me to walk outside in a tutu and boa, with Kanye's confidence level.  When I moved back into the city at 14, my love for fashion flourished, I began to feel more comfortable testing out the latest trends from socks and sandals to rose gold hair.  I love street style and find inspiration from people walking through the city displaying their own style. I am most likely to be seen with a matcha in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other, all while taking video selfies for snapchat. 

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Females: Elle Woods, Barbie, Cher Horowitz

Sign: Sagittarius 

Favorite Donut: Biscoff Pocket at Stans Donuts

Can't Live Without: Selfies, Burts Bees, Deep Dish Pizza



  1. I absolutely love your blog! How do you add the tabs like 'about me' contact me etc? I look in template design and nothing lol :)

  2. sorry! never mind lol, i got it

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  4. Just a heads up, but your blog would have a MUCH more personal and "inviting" appeal to it if you wrote your "About Me" page in first person, instead of third person. Wherever I go on the internet, I ALWAYS read the "About Me" page. It is the most overlooked........but also the MOST read of any page, even the CTA page.

    I own a ecommerce company in the women's fashion niche and am looking for bloggers who want to guest blog on occasion, so I came to check out your blog as we are part of a larger community together and I was notified by a post you made.

    1. Overlooked by perhaps those without an Eye for quaity Griffin ;-) My about page mostl ikely needs some work that is for certain lol


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